• Book

    Author: Stuti Changle

    On the Open Road

    • Author: Stuti Changle
    • ASIN: B0778V79L6

    on the open road - THREE LIVES, FIVE CITIES, ONE STARTUP, revolves around the lives of these restless and dreamy 20-somethings as they battle their inner demons and the societal taboos to live life on their terms. It is an emotional journey of following one’s heart. The journey entails undying friendship, love and loss, happiness and depression, fear and conquest, dreaming and achieving.

  • Book

    Author: Sujata Kohli

    Dialysis 2121

    • Author: Sujata Kohli
    • ISBN: 978-9387328327

    Millions of innocent people, throng the Gigantic Multi/Super Specialty Hospitals every day each moment, some with cash, some with Govt. cards & yet some EWS, but all .... one and all .... having a common hope, brimming in their little hearts that they .... or their dear one ... their precious one .... would be saved, treated and cured and would return home with a smile.

  • Book

    Author: Partho Bose

    Dreams Implant

    • Author: Partho Bose
    • ISBN: 978-9386148674

    DAVID BOWMAN owns a successful advertising agency in New York and is at top of his game. He loves his wife ALEXIS and their daughter APRIL. He is very protective when it comes to his family. In the professional sphere he is not only successful but also kind-hearted and helpful in nature.

  • Book

    Author: Sumit Saxena

    The Girl I Know

    • Author: Sumit Saxena
    • ASIN: B078QHZ9BQ

    The author meets a girl. Not only is she stunning but also has an incredibly gripping past. The chance encounter at a Boston bar leads the author into Mehak’s journey from the alleys of Kota, Rajasthan where she was born to becoming a successful businesswoman that she is today.

  • Book

    Author: SP Singh

    Mist, Dew and Raindrops

    • Author: SP Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9387328365

    Mist, Dew and Raindrops is a collection of eight intriguing and mesmerising stories

  • Book

    Author: Ranganath Srinivasa


    • Author: Ranganath Srinivasa
    • ISBN: 978-9386148643

    So, here I was in this family with a loving husband who had absolutely no time for his wife. The sea was my only soul mate.

  • Book

    Author: Himanshu Rai

    Chariots of Mahabharata

    • Author: Himanshu Rai
    • ISBN: 978-9386148483

    "It is not a story of Mahabharata. It is a story of people, progeny who pulled the story of Mahabharata on their shoulders, to let Dharma win over evil.

  • Book

    Author: Sonali Sharma

    Out of the Dream Park

    • Author: Sonali Sharma
    • ISBN: 978-9386148827

    In life, it's the little things that leave their blemishes on our souls and mind. It's the heartbreaks that consume us, it's the pain that makes us a cripple.

  • Book

    Author: SP Singh

    Parrot Under The Pine

    • Author: SP Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148551

    Parrot under the Pine Tree is the powerful expression of love. In the girl's heart; it's subtle, sublime and eternal.

  • Book

    Author: Saurabh Singh

    The Twist Of Fate

    • Author: Saurabh Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148902

    About the book "The Cost of Love" is a fictional read inspired by the Nirbhaya case. It raises a genuine concern on the pre-existing Juvenile act in our country, which has now, fortunately, been amended.

  • Book

    Author: Vijay Poudel


    • Author: Vijay Poudel
    • ASIN: B077TQ5RKF

    Hacklyf is an honest attempt to help people who want to live an exceptional life but is clueless amidst all the chaos

  • Book

    Author: Puran Singh Deora

    Conditions Of Life

    • Author: Puran Singh Deora
    • ASIN: B0772NFYXD

    Harish's peaceful life took a major turn when he had to leave his regular hectic routine at Thane for a new beginning in the city of Udaipur. The non-metro city got him struggling every moment as he stood to face his life's adventures all alone.

  • Book

    Author: Anika Vedh


    • Author: Anika Vedh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148469

    A mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night love story of two extremely passionate and career driven young souls working together in a top IT company. Chris Jane has never met an obstacle he couldn't overcome.

  • Book

    Author: Amit Singh

    It Happens Only in Love

    • Author: Amit Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148933

    Love makes you smile, Love makes you cry, Love drives you crazy. But, Do you believe that love could be inspiring too? Something that gives you strength to do the impossible.

  • Book

    Author: Peter

    Where Stories Are Born

    • Author: Peter
    • ISBN: 978-9386148803

    Author is a keen observer and a sensitive person and this unique combination makes him craft uncommom stories and tell them in a unique style of storytelling.

  • Book

    Author: Fredy Ilaviya

    Game Plan

    • Author: Fredy Ilaviya
    • ISBN: B01N2PQTH1

    Gripping tale of three friends who proved that there is nothing beyond friendship. It's a book about three friends - two guys and a girl. Both propose her, both get rejected.

  • Book

    Author: Gyan Singh

    Something Like Love

    • Author: Gyan Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148940

    A book filled up with Love and Romance in each sentence. A story about three teenagers, Shipra, Naina and Manav. Every heart was full of love.

  • Book

    Author: Alisha Mor


    • Author: Alisha Mor
    • ASIN: 978-9386148179

    We never value people when we have them but the moment they leave our lives they become the most valuable. Set in California it is a light hearted love story between Dylan and Isabelle.

  • Book

    Author: Anant Bagel Advitiya

    Ek Vichar Jo Badal De Jindagi

    • Author: Anant Bagel Advitiya
    • ISBN: 978-9386148797

    "स्वयं से पूछो कि आपने मस्तिष्क की क्या सीमा बना रखी है? यदि मस्तिष्क की सीमित सीमा बना रखी है तो अब सीमा के बंधन तोड़ दो। आप महान बनना चाहते हैं तो बनो, जीवन में सुख, खुशी और आनन्द चाहते हैं तो पाओ, अरबों कमाना चाहते हैं तो कमाओ, कोई भी महान लक्ष्य है तो हासिल करो। चाहो तो साधारण जीवन जीयो, चाहो तो असाधारण।

  • Book

    Author: Roshan Kothari

    Mesmerising Aura Of Love

    • Author: Roshan Kothari
    • ISBN: 978-9386148407

    Mesmerising Aura of Love

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