• Book

    Author: Ashutosh Singh Rajput

    143: Race Between Law and Crime

    • Author: Ashutosh Singh Rajput
    • ISBN: 978-9387328228

    A young man heading to his town unsuspectingly offers a lift to a killer on his way to end a life. A young man, his girlfriend, his DCP friend and an inspector form a team and find out that the killer is going to kill again...his hitlist includes those who live under fake names and addresses.

  • Book

    Author: Swarali Wankhede

    My Comlicated Destiny

    • Author: Swarali Wankhede

    Here is the story of two childhood Friends, Zed and Kanishka. Both are nine and share a very strong bond with each other. They spend their childhood together, and once they reach eighteen, they part their ways for higher education.

  • Book

    Author: Santosh Sannogi

    Post Diary

    • Author: Santosh Sannogi
    • ASIN: B06WD7T4C6

    The only thing larger than snow clad peaks was the infinite sky glittered with shimmering stars. Standing below the sky guarding his homeland is one experience which the author share with us.

  • Book

    Author: Srinath

    The Protectors of Aesner

    • Author: Srinath
    • ASIN: B01M8IRDX8

    Karthik, Yuki and Dave, 3 strangers from 3 different parts of the world were each battling their own versions of a challenging life, they had no idea that their lives would intervene and the world as they know it would change forever.

  • Book

    Author: Atul Singh

    The Two Time Heartquake

    • Author: Atul Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148087

    In this era, it is difficult to become a hero of someone's heart, even more difficult to trust anyone. Firstly no one wants to believe anyone, but if someone trusts anyone with dares then some bad people brakes his/her belief very badly.

  • Book

    Author: Vivek H Wagh

    Sleep and a Slap

    • Author: Vivek H Wagh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148131

    Karan, the dreamy and a quite filmy guy is stuck between his past Purvi, and present Janvi. Janvi, his evil best friend who eventually becomes the person whom he loves most.

  • Book

    Author: Gautam Dutta

    Strangers with Known Faces

    • Author: Gautam Dutta
    • ISBN: 978-9386148162

    Rajat, Meenakshi, Sadaaf, Amol, and Shanaya are five University students with nothing in common- who should never have met in the first place. They meet after winning a lucky draw- the prize of which was to take part in a puzzle game.

  • Book

    Author: Ojasvi Rikhi

    Antidoting Chums

    • Author: Ojasvi Rikhi
    • ISBN: 978-9386148230

    "Story of dreams, Power of belief. Story of hurdles, Power to surmount." Spellbound love and crazy friends with buttressing friendship.

  • Book

    Author: Swapna Rajput

    In search of Soulmate

    • Author: Swapna Rajput
    • ISBN: 978-9386148247

    'Soulmates Forever' is mostly narrated by attractive chap Sandy (Sandeep), who's life is full of fun ever since his childhood with his family, short time girlfriends and eight best buddies Mansi, Shaun, Preeti, Sumit, Shreya, Aarzoo, Mandar and Gaurav. Story starts from his grand wedding and moves around with present and flashback scenarios.

  • Book

    Author: Rutuja Naik

    Untamed Feelings

    • Author: Rutuja Naik
    • ISBN: 978-9386148254

    Picture this, a notorious guy in school, who's the most egoistic person you have met. He obviously has the looks, money and the 'badass' reputation. He meets a girl who is completely opposite. She's hard working, vulnerable and organized. Her reputation among people is of a 'nerd'.

  • Book

    Author: M.Aishvarya


    • Author: M.Aishvarya
    • ISBN: 978-9386148391

    Haksh, a boy from Padampur, was going through a book on Greek legends . He read the legend of Pygmalion and Galatea. ?e tale gave him a clue to solve a personal problem. He was going to the dam at Barikel with his friends when he saw her while passing in front of Saraswati Sishu Vidyamandir ,a school in Padampur.

  • Book

    Author: Kumar Nitin Antil

    No one Can Replace You

    • Author: Kumar Nitin Antil
    • ISBN: 978-9386148636

    Aryan, a shy but talented civil student who has a powerful gift of simplicity and an ability to express himself, is best friends with Rakshit, who is a pogonophile, the go-to person, the one friend who is always to the rescue, just like a fire-fighter.

  • Book

    Author: Farah Haseeb

    Poles Of Life

    • Author: Farah Haseeb
    • ISBN: 978-9386148292

    Ishika Gaur Singh, the most awaited child of the nation. She was a star before her birth. Yes! She was from the most elite family of the nation which had fusion of the four major pillars of India "politics, business, bollywood & cricket", having media revolving around it.

  • Book

    Author: Abhigyan Sarma

    The Case Files Of Martin Brothers

    • Author: Abhigyan Sarma
    • ISBN: 978-9386148575

    When John, Joe and Jeff agreed to help a husky old man in finding his stolen ancient family treasure, they had merely thought that the treasure hunt would be fun filled. Little did they know, that it would prove to be dangerous as well.

  • Book

    Author: Ashutosh Parmar

    Alcoholic Hiccups

    • Author: Ashutosh Parmar
    • ISBN: 978-9386148377

    This fictional drama is woven around the serene calm small town, wherein modernization has stepped in, to erode traditions but town's own pace still has its own face value. It opens with nostalgic brainstorming eruptive behaviour of Ankush and delineates various intriguing shades of grandson and grandfather relationships.

  • Book

    Author: Sourabh Lakshkar

    Game Plan

    • Author: Sourabh Lakshkar
    • ISBN: 978-9386148216

    "Some stories are hard to believe, because they are full of reality, Bitter, but someone needs to tell them. A story based on the lives of 5 friends whose main character Rohan, studying in top business school wants to own a company, on the other side.

  • Book

    Author: Ajay Setia

    For The Sake Of My EGO

    • Author: Ajay Setia
    • ISBN: 978-8193238240

    'For the sake of my ego' is the journey of tender Aryan who is in love with music from eternity. Life changes for Aryan the moment he enters college where he gets the chance of justifying his passion for playing Music.

  • Book

    Author: Naman Mehta

    Nasa’s Cupid and Devil in the Closet

    • Author: Naman Mehta
    • ASIN: 978-9386148360

    Under the light shade of dark night, the cold season's warm flight, he was on the left and she on his right side, made eye contact and fell in love at the first sight!

  • Book

    Author: Atul Singh


    • Author: Atul Singh
    • ISBN: 978-9386148735

    In this era, it is difficult to become a hero of someone's heart, even more difficult to trust anyone. Firstly no one wants to believe anyone, but if someone trusts anyone with dares then some bad people brakes his/her belief very badly.

  • Book

    Author:Vipul Barpute

    Mesmerising Aura Of Love

    • Author: Vipul Barpute
    • ISBN: 978-9386148353

    From the glimpse of darkness to the ray of sun, there you get laid in the grave which you dig it for others. What goes around comes around. Mark my name peeps It's "KARMA" the beloved witch So, to know who I am turn around the book and start reading.

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