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About Us

Fuelling on the spirit of reading and writing in the community, this magazine is a collective effort by us as the next link in the chain to celebrate the power of the written word, as it has been celebrated across history.

You’d be glad to know that this magazine is the first of its kind that entirely focusses on literature and publishing today. Through this magazine, we wish to reach out to a wide audience of literary stalwarts and book lovers to come together and share their common love for stories and life experiences in the beautiful black and white world of the printed letter. We remain ever passionate about publishing new perspectives, new ideas, new voices, new worlds, new challenges and new ways of seeing things around us.

The idea behind this magazine was motivated by the need to promote titles deserving of a better readership, which are both self-published and traditionally published. With a growing community of readers and patrons, we are aiming to get 10,000 subscribers strong with the next few editions.

Here’s what this magazine series has to offer for you:

  • A detailed guide of the book events, literature festivals, publishing seminars and meets happening in your city every month.
  • Comprehensive book reviews from the most trusted names in our book reviewers’ community.
  • An unbiased open platform for budding writers and poets to get their short stories, poems, essays, comic strips, narratives, etc. published and bring their masterpieces (or just experimental pieces of writing) to the readership they deserve.
  • Interviews of your favourite authors, a chance to peep into the real lives of those whose books you’ve loved reading.
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