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  • Book - I Wear the Smile You Gave
  • Author of the Book - Shweta Shah

    Reviewer - Kumar Kaushik

    The book revolves around three to four central characters of the modern age and sometimes, it takes you to the era of the 1990s where there was lack of modern gadgets and more reliable source of happiness was friendship and direct human communications.

    The best part of the fiction is that it is easy to understand and most of the times the reader can relate his or her personal life with the storyline. In this story too, there are many incidents which are similar to what happens in our fast-paced career-oriented lifestyle. “I Wear The Smile You Gave” is not just a fiction but a reality test that every individual has to go through once in a lifetime. Life is all about the choices we make.

  • Book - HackLyf
  • Author of the Book - Vijay Poudel

    Reviewer - Divya R Bandodkar

    Reading this book was an enjoyable ride. Two of the most attractive things about this book is the way the author uses real-life incidents to make the reader understand the essence of certain things and ending each chapter with an interesting quote which summarises the entire chapter. It is that time of the year when one makes resolutions and tries to improve himself/herself and this book is the perfect start to the New Year. There are many things in this book that can be implemented in your New Year resolutions. The narration is done in simple English. It feels like the author is directly conversing with the reader. It has been done well. Some chapters have an activity mentioned towards the end. These activities make you ponder about your dreams, your goals and your plans to achieve them such exercises are necessary for self-introspection.

  • Book - Two Angels: Love Waits Where You Never Searched
  • Author of the Book - Nivedita Vedurla

    Reviewer - Divya R Bandodkar

    You never know you are in love until the time that person goes away from you. A similar thing happens with Arun and Esha and they realise their immense love for each other. Life is strange. It knocks you down when you least expect it. The simplicity and innocence of this story touched my heart. The story is presented in a simple way, without any twists and turns, without any masala. It appears as if the author has written it all by her heart. There's a personal touch to every word that has been written. You'll be overwhelmed with emotions by the time you reach the end of this story. The language is simple and so is the narration. The story has been crafted well. It teaches you many things about love and life through the protagonists. Two Angels is a good treat for romance lovers.

  • Book - Madhumati
  • Author of the Book - Anshuman Rai

    Reviewer - Divya R Bandodkar

    Writing a story in the form of poem is something that not many authors can do. Narrating a mythological story in the form of a poem is worth all praises. The author has to consider all aspects when writing one. And I think the author of Madhumati has done a commendable work by writing this novel, Madhumati.

    The story narration, as it is narrated in the form of a poem, is done very well. The vivid descriptions of the places, the manner in which the characters are portrayed and the way the story has been developed in the form of a poem is exemplary. The author makes you paint a faint picture of the scenes in the story and makes your reading an interesting experience. The book is rich in vocabulary. The poetry has been written excellently. This book is surely a treat for al mythology lovers.

  • Book - A Twisted Tale: Story of Manipal
  • Author of the Book - Anand Kumar

    Reviewer - Divya R Bandodkar

    The Twisted Tale is a story of college life. I was skeptical about reading this book - the blurb talked about the protagonist and his college life. Manipal university has always been quite famous. I grew interested in reading this book - a little because of its name.

    The story is a common one depicting the protagonist's college life. It talks about him, his academics and his participation in cultural activities. This story has been ended on an open note. The author can surely write a sequel to it. The narration is simple which is backed by a simple language. The story has been plotted well. Although there are some dull moments which make this story a bit boring, the reading experience is great.

  • Book - Dreams Implant
  • Author of the Book - Partho Bose

    Reviewer - Kashika Gulati

    Dreams Implant is a very integrated thriller making it a must read. Crime and science is a deadly combination and this keeps the reader hooked to the book from the very first page. The title at once attracts the attention and gives the kind of impression that coerces one to pick up the book instantly. As one starts reading the book, one flows with the story and find oneself intrigued to know what happens next. The reader will find love, betrayal, science, faith, and conspiracy interspersed beautifully to weave a complete story. Each minute detail pertaining to the characters as well as the plotline is fantastic. One of the major plus points of the book is its simple language which engages the reader throughout. Dreams actually play a pivotal role in the plotline of the story justifying the title significantly.

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