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I can write manifestos on woman empowerment and deliver sermons on it, but the idea will get inert as soon as you put down this magazine, shut your laptops or finish that hot cuppa with your daily newspaper. Woman empowerment is not a fad. It is a whole evolutionary process. The word “empowerment” has assumed a level of ubiquitous vacuousness. Promoting programmes to facilitate women to reconcile their work and family responsibilities and to encourage men to share equally with women household and child care responsibilities, these are the essential ingredients of empowerment. But “empowering” women calls for a whole social transformation. The exclusion of women from power is culturally embedded. Change, if ever it will happen in the true sense, would require a fundamental restructuring of our primal thought process. Why should a damsel be in distress? Or why should you admonish your son by saying, “Stop whining like a girl”? Women have already proved their prowess in every field. From a cantankerous husband to a belittling boss, she faces all of it with a diminutive ego. Empowering a woman does not imply making policies in favour of women or making them literate. They are already capable. We need to provide her with an environment which is conducive to her growth. Empowering her also means to believe in her that she is an achiever. I do not bow down because I stand before a woman… I do it for I have the courage to be slain by a worthy opponent. Don’t do a favour by empowering them and then passing lewd comments shamelessly or raping them mercilessly. Empowerment is not a consolation prize for the gender that continues to be excluded. As G.D Anderson rightly puts it, “feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

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